In 1958, two brothers had a vision. A vision to be great

Pizza Hut - a brand of Yum! - is the largest and most loved pizza restaurant chain in the world ( ). Pizza Hut is proud to be present in 100 different countries starting from April 2016. This marks a prominent milestone to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to deliver customers around the world the highest-quality pizza & professional service.

Pizza Hut Vietnam was established in 2006 with 100% foreign investment and has developed over 50 restaurants with more than 3.000 employees.

Pizza Hut Vietnam - where you can be the best version of yourself from personal development to career opportunity!

We dedicate a friendly and professional working environment to each employee in attempts to live up to our core value: “PIE of Trust & Excellence”

Be the fastest growing F&B business in Vietnam through excellence in People Development and Innovation

Show Passion

We serve our customers with warm hearted greetings and great smile. We are passionate and take ownership in our daily job. We are willing to support others unconditionally and flexible to adapt challenge toward looking for solutions.

Constant Innovation

What could we do different to become better? Is the constant question for every Hutters. You are encouraged to think out of the box, have growth mindset in everything you do, even with daily tasks. Absorb digitalization trend to build a creative brand.

Make it Easy

We keep everything simple in a smart way, make it easier and better is the motto to find solution. Whenever there is problem, we would break it down to pieces and solve it, instead of blame it on anyone.

Build Trust

We treasure transparency. We are treating everyone with respect and dignity, from store to office, peer to peer, subordinators to managers. We deliver what we commit and understand the importance of confidentiality, and integrity.

Aim for Excellence

We learn from mistakes, improve by them every day. We recognize individual and team to always perform beyond expectation and description of our jobs. We have courage to realize what is not working and willing to change what we are doing to achieve our organizational goal.

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